Nerea Abrego



I am an ecologist broadly interested in community ecology, especially in linking general theory in community ecology to empirical research. In my PhD project I studied how human-induced environmental changes affect wood-inhabiting fungal diversity and assembly processes at different spatial scales, and how these processes are related to functional traits and interaction networks. During my postdoc in Norway, I expanded my core research by taking part into the development of statistical methods, in particular joint species distribution models, which enable community ecologists to more efficiently link theory to empirical data. Thanks to gaining expertise in joint species distribution modelling, I established collaborations with empirical researchers working on a broad range of taxonomical groups, such as birds, insects, mammals and plants. My current core research investigates how interspecific interactions change and determine community structure under environmentally stressful conditions, using root-associated fungi as a model system.

Current and past positions

  • January 2017 – . Post doctoral researcher, University of Helsinki. Advisor: Tomas Roslin
  • January 2015 – December 2016. Post doctoral researcher, Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Advisor: Bernt-Erik Sæther
  • March 2011 – December 2014. Ph.D student, University of the Basque Country. Supervisor: Isabel Salcedo