Nerea Abrego



I am an ecologist broadly interested in community ecology. For carrying out my research, I am interested in combining empirical, experimental and modelling approaches.  In my PhD project I studied how human-induced environmental changes affected wood-inhabiting fungal diversity and assembly processes at different spatial scales, and how these processes were related to functional traits and interaction networks. Currently, my post-doc project is focused on applying novel statistical methods (in particular latent variable approaches in joint species distribution modelling) to spatial and temporal community ecological data, and covers a wide range of taxonomical groups.

Current and past positions

  • January 2017 – . Post doctoral researcher, University of Helsinki. Advisor: Tomas Roslin
  • January 2015 – December 2016. Post doctoral researcher, Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Advisor: Bernt-Erik Sæther
  • March 2011 – December 2014. Ph.D student, University of the Basque Country. Supervisor: Isabel Salcedo